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Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., University of California-Riverside, Sociology

Advisor: Ellen Reese, 2014


M.A., University of California-Riverside, Sociology, 2011


B.A., University of California-Riverside, Economics, 2006



Beverly and Richard Fink Professor of Liberal Arts

         University of Minnesota-Twin-Cities, 2022 - present


Associate Professor 

         University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2022 - present

Assistant Professor

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2017 - present


Assistant Professor

University of Nebraska-Omaha, 2014 -2017




Walker, Michael L. 2022. Indefinite: Doing Time in Jail. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

        Charles H. Cooley Best Recent Book Award, Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction,               2022


Walker, Michael L. forthcoming. "A Sociological Decoder." in Between Us: Understanding Ourselves

        and Changing the World through Sociology, edited by M. Lincoln. Chicago, IL: University of

        Chicago Press. 

Friedman, Brittany and Michael L. Walker. forthcoming. "Creating Intuitively: The Art and Flow of

        Intuitive Social Science." in Disciplinary Futures: Sociology in Conversation with American,

        Ethnic, and Indigenous Studies, edited by P. Dhingra and N. Kim. New York, NY: New York

        University Press.

Walker, Michael L. "The Right Music for the Right Audience." Crime, Law, and Deviance News,

        American Sociological Association, Spring/Summer. (


Walker, Michael L. "What I learned from Being Sent to County Jail." Zocal Public Square.




Walker, Michael L. 2021. "Ethnographic Reflections on Event-Time in Jail."

Pp. 553 - 71 in Oxford University Handbook of Ethnographies of Crime and Criminal Justice, edited by S. Bucerius, K. Haggerty, and L. Beradrdi. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. 


Walker, Michael L. 2021. "Still Taking His Class: A Meditation on the

Significance of Jonathan H. Turner's Influence." Pp. 340 - 48 in Theoretical Sociology: The Future of a Disciplinary Foundation, edited by S. Abrutyn and K. McCaffree. New York: Routledge.


Lopez-Aguado, Patrick and Michael L. Walker. 2019. "'I Don't Bang: I'm Just a

Blood': Situating Gang Identities in Their Proper Place." Theoretical Criminology 25(1):107-26. 

Walker, Michael L. 2016. "Race Making in a Penal Institution." American

Journal of Sociology 121(4):1051-78. 

Outstanding Article Award, American Society of Criminology, 2018


Book Reviews

Walker, Michael L. 2023. "Book Review: Halfway Home: Race, Punishment, and the Afterlife of Mass

        Incarceration by Reuben Jonathan Miller." Punishment & Society 1-8.


Walker, Michael L. 2022. Privilege and Punishment: How Race and

Class Matter in Court, by Matthew Clair. Punishment & Society. 

Walker, Michael L. 2016. The Social Order of the Underworld: How Prison

Gangs Govern the American Penal System, by David Skarbek. Theoretical Criminology 20(1): 116-18.


Reese, Ellen and Michael L. Walker. 2013. Three Worlds of Relief: Race,

Immigration, and the American Welfare State from the Progressive Era to the New Deal, by Cybelle Fox. American Journal of Sociology 118(6): 393.


Under Review


Walker, Michael L. "Carceral Autonomy: A Study of Social Exchange in a

Carceral Setting." (revise & resubmit)

Patterson, Evelyn J., Michael L. Walker, Darwin A. Baluran, and Rachel

Zajdel. "Cloistered Population Research Designs: A Set of Heuristics for the Study of Social Arrangements." 

In Preparation


Walker, Michael L. and Patrick Lopez-Aguado. "Towards a General Theory

of Criminal Objectification." 


Walker, Michael L. "Anticipatory Activity: Negotiating Racist Ifs and When's."


Selected Publications

Invited Talks

"Organizational Patterns of Sleep Hygiene in Jail," 

        University of California-Los Angeles, 1-18-23


"Emerging Equity Scholars Speaker Series: Professors Reuben J. Miller and Michael Walker," 

        RTI International "The Master's Tool: Problems of Sleep Hygiene in Jail"

Crime, Law, and Society Workshop, Northwester University, Zoom [invited], 4-26-21


"Heuristics for Feeling Your Way in the Dark,"

        Indiana University-Bloomington, 9-30-22


"Indefinite: Doing Time in Jail,"

        Wilson Center for Science and Justice, Novel Justice Series, Duke University, 10-17-22


"Uncertainty Is What Underpins the Entire Jail Experience: A Conversation with Professor Michael


        Advancing Pretrial Policy & Research, RTI International, Spotlight, 8-31-22

"American Jail and Prison,"

        The Open Mind, CUNY TV, 5-27-22


"The Master's Tools: Sleep Hygiene in a County Jail,"

        University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 3-25-22

"On the Emotional and Physical Experiences of Doing Time in Jail,"

        Literary Hub, 2-3-22



"On Halfway Home by Reuben J. Miller,"

        Punishment & Society's Digital Speaker Series Book Panel, 11-21-21


"The Master's Tools: Problems of Sleep Hygiene in Jail,"

        Northwestern University, Crime, Law, and Society Workshop, 4-6-21

"Power and Control: A Social Exchange Perspective on Penal Management,"

        University of Southern California, 2-12-20

"'Who's Your Rep'?: Power-Dependence in the Management of Prisoners,"

        Duke University, 9-25-2020

"'Who's Your Rep?': A Social Exchange Perspective on Control"

Centre for Criminological Research Inaugural Conference, University of Alberta, 11-18-20

"Jailing through Penal Time"

University of Southern California, 12-3-20

"The Social Science is in the Details,"

        Johns Hopkins University, American Voices Project, 6-29-19


"Weathering Adaptation and Punishment,"

        University of Wisconsin-Madison, 5-4-16


"Race Making in a Penal Institution,"

        University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 4-20-16


Weathering Adaptation and Punishment,"

        Rutgers University-New Brunswick, 5-10-16



Author Meets Critics: Indefinite: Doing Time in Jail,

        American Society of Criminology, 11-18-22


"The Master's Tools: Sleep Hygiene in a County Jail,"

        European Society of Criminology, 9-23-22


"Power and Control: A Social Exchange Perspective on Penal Management,"

        Law and Society Association, 7-14-22


"'Who's Your Rep?': Marshaling Classification for Control"

American Society of Criminology, San Francisco, CA, 11-14-19

"Ethnographic Insights on the Concept of Degradation"

American Society of Criminology, Atlanta, GA, 11-14-18

"Spatializing Gang Identity in the Context of Youth Criminalization," 

        Society for the Study of Social Problems (presented with Patrick Lopez-Aguado), 8-19-16



Committee Chair,

        Charles H. Cooley Best Recent Book Award, Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction, 2023

Conference Co-Chair,

        Racial Democracy Crime and Justice Network, 2022-2023

Committee Chair, 

        Joan Petersilia Outstanding Article Award Committee, 2023

Committee Member,

        Joan Petersilia Outstanding Article Award Committee, 2022

Editorial Board Member

Punishment & Society, 2022 - present

Editorial Advisory Board Member

Incarceration, 2021 - present

Editorial Advisory Board Member

Criminology, 2020 - 2023


National Longitudinal Survey of Youth Content Panel Member,

        NORC, 2022 - present

Advisory Board Member

Advancing Pretrial Policy & Research, RTI International, 2020 - present




Black Grads Race Talk, Organizer

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2020 - present



Manly Deeds Scholarship Committee Member

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, ΗΠΛ Chapter, 2012 - present

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